Tenant’s Services

Tenant’s Services

At Hove Town and City Residential Letting Ltd. we work hard to provide high levels of customer service to our tenants and landlords alike. We will help you find the ideal rental property for your needs, and assist you throughout the whole process of securing a property and beyond.

Letting Quality Property In Hove

As a well-established letting agent in Hove, we take great care to vet our landlords and their properties to ensure we deliver our tenants a positive rental experience. We pride ourselves in forging strong relationships with Hove landlords in order to provide tenants with a quality service.

Securing Excellent Homes for Rental Clients

Town & City Residential Letting Ltd will only agree to manage a property for a landlord in Hove, once we’re satisfied that the building and accommodation is completely up to standard, and there is no outstanding maintenance work required. We want to make sure that from day one our tenants are happy, and that the properties we manage in and around Hove deliver comfortable living and good value-for-money.